The Wire Cutters is an item featured in all maps. It is used to cut wires to open up escape door and getting items.

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How to Get Edit

  • (House) In the Safe in the Basement
  • (School) On the Crates in the Storage room near the Red Key Door.
  • (School) On the Crates In the Hallway that near the Red Key Door.
  • (School) In the Middle area of the Map on a Table
  • (School) In the Storage Area near the Red Key Door. It is on the crate near the door connecting the Middle Area.
  • (Office) In the Locker near where Granny spawns
  • (Office) Behind the coffee table in one of the hallways
  • (Office) Under the restroom sink In one of the two Restrooms

Uses Edit

  • (House) Cutting the wire on the main door and in the electrical box in the basement (for the front door)
  • (House) Cutting the wire for the Electrical box in the backyard (Backdoor)
  • (School) Cutting the Electrical Box in the Storage Hallway (for both exits)
  • (School) Cutting the wires on the doors
  • (Office) Cutting the wire in the Electrical Box in the Electrical Room
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