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The Safe Key is an item that allows you to open the Safe, which usually contains items that are key to escaping. It can be found in Office, House, and Camp,

Safe Key

Safe Key



Use the Screwdriver on the vent in the wooden area. The vent will open up and you get a Safe Key.


  • On the table on the right near where Granny spawns
  • In the Office room close to the Main Exit.
  • Upstairs sitting on the railinggno5hoiuhgitit
  • In the room with the boxes the left of the room with the Safe


Use the plank that is next to the house and use it in the other building to reach the electrical box, over the electrical box you'll find the car key. Use it on the car's trunk to find a valve, use it on a pipe next to the pool to remove the poison. Then, and only then, will you get the Safe Key.