Granny-Roblox Wiki

House was the first map to be created. It is very similar to Easy mode on the original game Granny. GabStudios recreated it with 2 exits so Granny couldn't camp the front exit.

Escaping (Front Exit)


  • Hammer - Find it somewhere in the map - To unbarricade the door
  • Wire Cutters - Find the Screwdriver, then get the Safe Key, and then open the safe that is on the basement- To cut the wire on the door and the wire in the basement.
  • Padlock Key (Blue Key) - Use the wire cutters in the Attic and you obtain the Padlock Key- Use it on a padlock at the front door.
  • Master Key (Red Key) - find the rusty cog in the bathroom, then use the Winch Handle on the well in the Backyard to get the Cogwheel, you can find the Winch Handle on a room in the woody area, then find the Playhouse Key. Use all of the items in the playhouse and you get the Master Key.- Use it on the padlock on the front door,

Escaping (Back Exit)


  • Screwdriver - Find it somewhere in the map - To open up the Electrical Box and Safe Key vent.
  • Wire Cutters - Use the Screwdriver to open the vent to get the Safe Key and open the safe at the basement - To cut the wires of the Electrical Box and to cut the other wire
  • Hammer - Find it somewhere in the map - To unbarricade the door