Granny-Roblox Wiki

The crossbow is an item that stuns Granny. It is exclusive to the House and Camp map and it only shoots in a straight line. It shoots a tranquilizer dart and stuns Granny for 5 secs. It can hold multiple darts.

How to get cross bow


  1. Go to the bottom floor of the basement and grab the melon
  2. Go outside to the yard the use the melon in the guillotine, The melon should drop a Weapon Key
  3. Go back inside the house and go into the secret closet (wooden area) and find a metal bow
  4. Equip the Crossbow and take the ammo.


  1. Find the crossbow somewhere in the map, it is usually on the dorm where the bunkbeds are.
  2. Find the darts near the white fence on the backyard.


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